Configure Programs

1. Create new Programs in OpenMRS

To configure the Programs Section for specific programs navigate to the OpenMRS module to Manage Programs. Follow the steps as shown in the image below to setup a new program.

2. Retire a Program

Retiring a Program can be done through OpenMRS in the Manage Programs screen. To retire a program, select one from the list as shown below:

As in this case the Dengue program is checked. 

Click on the Program to open the Program detail screen. Select "Yes" in the drop down for "Retired" value. Click Save to retire the selected program.

This is the screen which results after any program is retired. The retired program is struck out.

3. Un-retire a Program

It is possible to again un-retire the program by following the same process.

a. Select the program to be un-retired

b. Click on the program to navigate to the Edit Program page.

c. Change the retired value from "yes" to "no" and save. 

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