Apps and Tabs Configuration

Enabling the new Bed Management Module

You can enable the new BM by configuring it as an extension in bahmni_config/home/extension.json like below or as configured in default config here

App Extension Definition
"newBedManagement": {
    "id": "bahmni.ipd",
    "extensionPointId": "org.bahmni.home.dashboard",
    "type": "link",
    "translationKey": "MODULE_LABEL_BED_MANAGEMENT_KEY",
    "label": "InPatient",
    "url": "../bedmanagement/#/home",
    "icon": "fa-bed",
    "order": 7,
    "requiredPrivilege": "app:adt"

App Configuration

The new Bed Management Application is configured by typical app config in form a app.json file placed within "bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/ipd/". You can refer to this file as an example

Ward List View 

The configuration for this field is mandatory

"wardListSqlSearchHandler": "bedManagement.sqlGet.patientListForAdmissionLocation"

The above configuration fetches the data that is shown in the list view of a ward. You may modify the SQL query relevant to the above Global Property defined in OpenMRS. You can do this via OpenMRS Admin UI

  • Administration => Maintenance => Bed Management => edit property 'SQL Get Patient List For Admission Location'

Default Visit Type

The configuration for this field is mandatory

"defaultVisitType": "IPD"

The above config will set the default visit type of the patient when the user attempts to admit the patient. Note, by default a prompt is shown when the patient's current visit type is different from what is set above. You can hide the prompt by setting the configuration below. 

Hide Alert for New Visit 

"hideStartNewVisitPopUp": false

Expected Date of Discharge

"expectedDateOfDischarge": "IPD Intended Discharge"

The above configuration lets you define and capture details relevant to 'Expected Date of Discharge' for a patient. To use this, you may set the above configuration to a concept (type: ConvSet, Is Set = true) with FULLY SPECIFIED NAME as 'IPD Intended Discharge'.  For example, you may create the concept as shown in example below

In the above Concept Set, the member 'Expected Date of Discharge' is of data type date, and 'Reason For Change in Discharge' is of data type text. 

You may further configure the 'Concept',  as below

"config": {
	"expectedDateOfDischarge": "IPD Intended Discharge",
	"conceptSetUI": {
    	"Expected Date of Discharge": {
       	"disableAddNotes": true,
       	"allowFutureDates": true

Navigation Controls 

The following configuration elements are mandatory to define. They are intended to be used in future release for navigation to defined URLs through these configuration elements. 

"onAdmissionForwardTo": "#",
"onTransferForwardTo": "#",
"onDischargeForwardTo": "#"

"diagnosisStatus": "Inactive",

Configure IPD Dashboard

You can create a dashboard with configuration just like in any other place which allows dashboard setup. 

Display controls can be configured on the dashboards to give a snapshot of the captured information. You may even create your own custom display control. You can see an IPD relevant example here

The configuration should be added under the “dashboard" section

Sample Config
"dashboard": {
	"translationKey": "DASHBOARD_TAB_GENERAL_KEY",
	"sections": {
		"patientInformation": {
			"type": "patientInformation",
			"displayOrder": 0,
			"patientAttributes": ["education", "occupation", "familyIncome"],
			"addressFields": ["address1","address2","cityVillage","countryDistrict"]
		"navigationLinksControl": {
			"type": "navigationLinksControl",
			"displayOrder": 1,
			"showLinks": ["home","registration","enrolment"],
			"customLinks": [
					"name": "bedManagement",
					"translationKey": "PATIENT_BED_MANAGEMENT_PAGE_KEY",
					"url": "../bedmanagement/#/bedManagement/patient/{{patientUuid}}"
		"vitals": {
			"type": "vitals",
			"displayOrder": 0,
			"isObservation": true,
			"dashboardConfig": {
			"conceptNames": ["Vitals"],
			"numberOfVisits": 2

Configure Patient Lists/Queues

Add the configuration in extension.json file in the ipd folder here

The extension that you need to implement is ""

Configure "To Admit" Tab

This tab is used to view the the list of patients who are asked to admit.

    "id": "",
    "extensionPointId": "",
    "type": "config",
    "extensionParams": {
      "searchHandler": "emrapi.sqlSearch.patientsToAdmit",
      "translationKey": "MODULE_LABEL_TO_ADMIT_KEY",
    "label": "To Admit",
    "order": 1,
    "requiredPrivilege": "app:adt"

Configure Admitted Tab

This tab is used to view the the list of patients who are already admitted.

    "id": "",
    "extensionPointId": "",
    "type": "config",
    "extensionParams": {
      "searchHandler": "emrapi.sqlSearch.admittedPatients",
      "translationKey": "MODULE_LABEL_ADMITTED_KEY",
      "forwardUrl" : "#/bedManagement/patient/{{patientUuid}}"
    "label": "Admitted",
    "order": 2,
    "requiredPrivilege": "app:adt"

Configure "To Discharge" Tab

This tab is used to view the the list of patients who have to be discharged.

    "id": "",
    "extensionPointId": "",
    "type": "config",
    "extensionParams": {
      "searchHandler": "emrapi.sqlSearch.patientsToDischarge",
      "translationKey": "MODULE_LABEL_TO_DISCHARGE_KEY",
      "forwardUrl" : "#/bedManagement/patient/{{patientUuid}}"
    "label": "To Discharge",
    "order": 3,
    "requiredPrivilege": "app:adt"

Configure "All" Tab

This tab is used to view the the list of patients who have to be admitted.

    "id": "",
    "extensionPointId": "",
    "type": "config",
    "extensionParams": {
      "translationKey": "MODULE_LABEL_ALL_KEY",
      "forwardUrl" : "#/bedManagement/patient/{{patientUuid}}"
    "label": "All",
    "order": 4,
    "requiredPrivilege": "app:adt"

Print current list of patients in wards (0.93+)

You can enable the configuration in "bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/ipd/app.json". See example here

Enable Print of Ward List
config: {
     "wardListPrintEnabled": true,
     "wardListPrintViewTemplateUrl": "/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/ipd/wardListPrint.html",

You can customize your print layout by using a custom template. You can see an example usage here. If you do not mention the templateUrl, then a default print layout is used. 

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