OT App Configuration

You can do additional configuration of OT application through "app config".  

These configuration must be done in your implementation specific "bahmni_config". 

Path on server:  /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/ot/app.json

Example: https://github.com/Bahmni/default-config/blob/master/openmrs/apps/ot/app.json

Configure patient dashboard link for the Patient Id

   “Link”: ”link to patient dashboard”,
   “errorMessage”: ”custom error message”

When user wants to edit a surgical appointment, the link can be configured to any url configured with additional context passed through query parameters. See a sample configuration below:

"patientDashboardUrl": {
   "link": "/bahmni/clinical/#/programs/patient/{{patientUuid}}/dashboard?dateEnrolled={{dateEnrolled}}&programUuid={{programUuid}}&enrollment={{enrollment}}&currentTab=DASHBOARD_TAB_PATIENT_SUMMARY_KEY"
  "errorMessage": "The patient is not enrolled to the program"

Configure surgeons available for OT scheduling

Surgeon names in OT module are configurable. The configured surgeon names are listed while creating a new OT block and also in the surgeon filter. The configuration is an array of surgeon names. 

The name correspond to the person name of the provider that you have configured in OpenMRS provider management module. 

"primarySurgeonsForOT" : ["Yogesh Jain","Anjali Sharma"]

Custom HTML template for printing

The list view in "OT Scheduling" has a print button for users to print the appointments listed. The print html is configurable to allow to custom print the columns or information needed.

"printListViewTemplateUrl" : "/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/ot/printListView.html"

Autofill Planned procedures and estimated time

While creating a new appointment, the procedure and estimated times can be auto filled from information filled in the forms. Currently these are pulled from surgeon Pre-Op Assessment and Treatment Plan and Surgeon Follow-up form. The values to be selected in the SQL are ‘all_procedures’, ‘esthrs’, ‘estmins’. Users can write custom SQLs to return select these values and add the custom sql in this configuration. The sample is as below:

"procedureSQLGlobalProperty" : "bahmni sql query handler name"


"procedureSQLGlobalProperty": "emrapi.sqlSearch.plannedProcedureForPatient"

See code: https://github.com/bahmni-msf/amman-config/blob/d040b87dd44e9269648c3f0f92bfaa0dc5ed8a95/openmrs/migrations/operationTheater/plannedProcedureForPatient.sql

Calendar view start time, end time and interval

The start time, end time and the interval of the calendar are configurable. The start time and end time are in 24 hr formats with hours and minutes separated by ‘:’. The dayViewSplit is the interval to be configured in minutes. The sample configuration is as below:

“calendarView”: {
   “dayViewStart”: ”08:00”,
   “dayViewEnd”  : ”18:00”,
   “dayViewSplit”: ”60”