Treatment Page Control

Please refer to this page for further details

For Configuring display controls on treatment page follow the below steps:
  • Go to clinical dashboard.json
  • Add "sections": {} under drugOrder section
  • Add the required control configuration under sections.

    For example in order to configure Drug Order Details Control in treatment page. The config under drugOrder in clinical/dashboard.json will be as below
      "treatmentsDetails": {
        "title":"Treatments Details",
        "translationKey" : "treatmentsDetails",
        "name": "drugOrderDetails",
        "displayOrder": 1,
        "dashboardConfig": {
                "drugNames":["Isoniazid","Paracetamol 500mg", "Sodium Thiosulphate Camical 500gm", "Isosorbide Mononitrate"],


    sectionscontains all the controls to be displayed

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