Release kickoff

This page is being modified. Will be updated soon. 

  1. Ensure that the epics scheduled for previous release have been completed.
  2. Identifications of epics and availability of streams.
    1. BAs table the priority for the clients they are responsible for 
  3. Identify the clients who would be using the release immediately (we have to reduce this overtime to 0 so that we can start doing beta releases first, till 0.79 it is farfetched though)
  4. Assignment of BAs and Tech Leads for the epics. Factors to consider
    1. division between Hyderabad and Bangalore
    2. create opportunities for all BAs to understand the domain. in other words for BAs it is functional over technical.
  5. Epics and the assignments should be added here during or after the kickoff.
  6. Communicate the release kick-off outcome (via the Trello board on slack)

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