Roadmap Historical Timelines


This page has been Archived, and is obsolete. It is available on the Bahmni wiki only for reference and historical purposes.

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This section lists roadmap activities that have already taken place or are currently in progress.

First-round in early 2018:

  • Call for roadmap suggestions:
    • Feb 19 public talk post
    • Feb 11 coalition mailing list post
      • Individual calls with coalition members between 16th Jan 2018 and 31st Jan 2018
  • Reminder
    • Feb 27 public talk post
    • Feb 27 coalition mailing list post
  • Initial priority assessments by Product Architecture Team
  • Level of effort assessments by Darius
  • Roadmap proposal developed by Product Architecture Team
  • Proposed roadmap approved by Governing Committee
  • Approved roadmap shared with the community

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