Roadmap Review Meeting - May 28th 2015


The Banyan

  • Release 1 is planned to happen on end of July, including
    • Order fulfillment: cards seems ok, but documentation is still not there
    • Relationships: will be done at the end of June
    • Lab data: still pending
    • Reports: Sudhakar will be in Chennai on Monday & Tuesday (May 1st - 2nd) to help. Arun/Pankaj/Vivek will revise reports and update Sudhakar


  • Kanaan pings Arun every morning
  • Requirements are mainly related to Odoo. Abhinav will see if we can do it in June or July


  • Working on coding dianosys
  • Some feedback on graphs (starting point - scale - should be fixed)
  • Arjun/Akhil/Abhinav/Vivek: may discuss on how presenting the data (graphs vs tables)
  • Keep track on patients (and who has been transferred) on Bed Management tab
  • Shortage of machines: Arjun will confirm which devices and where they’ll be used
  • Discussion needed about Queue Management
  • Ability to edit data: Mujir/Vivek should talk to OpenMRS folks about it


  • ...

Lok Biradari Prakalp (Hemalkasa)

  • Working on template for Malaria
  • Travel
    • We need to talk to Dr. Anagha and decide on dates for next deployment (Pankaj is in charge of this)
    • We need to find who will travel to Hemalkasa, once we know dates.
  • There is also a story that needs to be done for next deployment.
  • No updates

Other Updates

  • Dr Jonathan will be working with us a day a week


Action Items

  • Mujiruddin Shaikh / VivekV should talk to OpenMRS folks about the ability to edit data (openmrs talk link)
  • Arjun will confirm which devices are needed for JSS and where they’ll be used
  • Arjun/ Akhil Malhotra/ Abhinav Peddada/ VivekV: may discuss on ways to presenting the data - when it makes sense to be graphs vs tables
  • Abhinav Peddada will confirm if the Odoo features we need for Gudalur can be done in June or July
  • Pankaj Kanchankar - Talk to Dr. Anagha and decide on dates for next deployment at LBP, Hemalkasa - From Pankaj: "Spoke with Dr Anagha at Hemalkasa. We have a window till end of June for deploying new release and reports related functionality. I would suggest we have some one travel in the week of 15th June or latest by 22nd June."

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