Roadmap Review Meeting - July 3rd 2015

The Banyan

  • SOW is being done. Somebody (who?) needs to sign it.
  • Hardware expected to July 10th (but they are not sure) - short notice for the release


  • Master data setup is getting delayed. Kanaan doesn’t have enough support from their team. Release may need to be postponed. Dr Shyla is ok with postponing the release if it’s taking time from their side. Both drs are on US for vacation
  • Dr Shyla back on first week of August - things will happen more fast over there
  • Release expected to be Sep 1st week
  • SOW is still in our hands
  • No updates


  • Reply from Dr Anagha
    • Arjun says there are some items missing (cards on the wall)
    • VivekV suggests a remote release.
  • After going to Hemalkasa, Arjun suggests two people for the releases. It helps on troubleshooting and grabbing feedback.


  • Waiting for the patch release
  • Arjun will come to Bangalore. Still not sure on dates.
  • Lab orders
    • Order screen to be improved
    • Feedback on it was good. Docs need to know which tests are being used. A story has been added, already.

Action Items

From previous week:

  • Arjun/ Akhil Malhotra/ Abhinav Peddada/ Vivek Singh: may discuss on ways to presenting the data - when it makes sense to be graphs vs tables
    some conversations already started (with Arjun, Akhil and Abhinav), but a final call will be made after Vivek is back from JSSAbhinav Peddada to check if the stories are already there. If not, he would create it (them)
  • Abhinav Peddada will share a process for grabbing requirements and feedback from implementations
    Discussions in process (jira/mingle for specific projects/purposes) or move from spreadsheet to mingle/JIRA are happening.
  • We need to define a process for outsiders (Mihir/Chase/Pascal…).
    Conversations are happening on this front. A first draft must be shared on a day or two
    Emerson Hernandez will circulate the draft created by the team, last week.

New items:

Parking Lot

Vivek asks: is there a tool to help us on the dependencies and visibility of implementations?

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