SetUp Orthanc Dicom/Pacs Server


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Also see this OpenMRS Discussion on Bahmni and Orthanc:

  1. Download Orthanc Source code from the link below
  2. Install Cmake
  3. Install Xcode 
  4. Create a directory Orthanc-build 
  5. Goto Orthanc-build  and run the following command

  6. UI Screen for setting Listener AE Title, Port and Adding Server.

    While adding Server, refer Othanc-0.9.0 / Resurces / Configuration.json for port and AE title. Host name is ip address of system.

  7. Make following changes to Othanc-0.9.0 / Resurces / Configuration.json

    Sample configuration

    "DicomModalities" : {

    "oviyam2" : ["OVIYAM2", "", 1025]


    OVIYAM2Listener AE Title (Should be similar to what is given in the ui) address where Oviyam server is installed
    1025Listener Port (should be similar to what is given in the ui)
  8. If no images are present in orthanc server. Upload the image by dragging and droping the image  on http://localhost:8042/app/explorer.html. Sample Upload page is as below.

  9. Go to to search for images. Sample search page is as below


      10. On clicking the image displayed on left side. You can view the sample page as below.


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